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We have multiple PhD positions open. Also, we have a few Masters’ and Bachelors’ research intern positions open. 

Since our research is highly interdisciplinary, motivated students from any discipline (Biology/Physics/Engineering) can join us for pursuing exciting research projects.

  • For students trained in Biology, a strong background in Molecular and Cell biology will be an advantage.

  • For students from Physics/Engineering background, prior experience in lasers or optical engineering or optoelectronics or signal processing or instrumentation will be a plus.

  • Students from any other discipline with a good skill set in computer programming with Matlab or Python or LabVIEW, are strongly encouraged to apply. 


To apply for the positions, please send an email to

The application should include the following

  1. CV Transcripts

  2. A brief write-up on your research interests, previous research experience if any and motivation for pursuing a career in science.

Applications without required documents will not be processed.

Look forward to having you in our group 

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