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  • May 2022 Sanket successfully defended his MTech Thesis. Title: Automating Single Particle tracking in Optical Microscopy with a Novel Deep Learning Architecture to Probe Intracellular Trafficking.

  • April 2022 Nitin invited to speak @ workshop on ultrastructural imaging and applications in Livestock research, NIAB Hyderabad.

  • Feb 2022 Sanket presents a poster online @ the Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, San Francisco, USA.

  • Jan 2022 Shivam Kant joins as a Research Assistant in the lab. 

  • Sept 2021 Shefali successfully defended the SOTA seminar

  • Aug 2021 Jegan & Sanket invited to be instructors for a tutorial on Single Particle Tracking @ BioImage Analysis:Image2Numbers, JNCASR

  • Aug 2021 Nitin invited to speak @ BioImage Analysis:Image2Numbers, JNCASR

  • Jul 2021 Dr Sreekanth joined the lab as a post-doctoral research fellow. Welcome to the team Sreekanth!! 

  • June 2021 Sanket Patil joins as a Master's degree student in the lab. 

  • Feb 2021 Jegan successfully defended his SOTA seminar

  • Jan 2021 Deepak awarded with prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship, Congratulations!!

  • June 2020 Deepak joined the lab for PhD, welcome Deepak!!

  • Jan 2020 Jegan and Nitin attends ICAL 2020 at IISc Bangalore, Jegan presented a poster, and Nitin gave a talk on our recent findings on lysosomal trafficking regulated by nutrient sensors

  • Nov 2019 Nitin invited to speak at BioTERM Conference, IIT Kanpur

  • Oct 2019  Nitin invited to speak at Microtubule Motors Transport & Traffic meeting, NBRC Manesar

  • Aug 2019 Nitin invited to speak at B4 Bioimaging Workshop, IISER Pune

  • July 2019 Shefali joins the force as a PhD student, Welcome!! Shefali

  • Jul 2019 Nitin invited to speak at, Bio-Group Meeting, IIT Kanpur

  • Mar 2019  Nitin invited to speak at Bioimaging School, Regional Centre for Biotechnology Faridabad

  • Feb 2019 Rachita joins the Bioresolution lab as a combined PhD student, Welcome aboard!! Rachita

  • Feb 2019 Nitin invited to speak at  Zeiss Imaging Conclave, Bangalore

  • Jan 2019 Jeganath joins the lab as a PhD student. Welcome!! Jegan

  • Dec 2018 Bioresolution lab becomes part of BSBE

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